Happy Mother's Day, y'all! We were joined this episode by Andrew, who provides this episode with more verifiable facts than you could usually expect from us two goons! Gather your mom round the computer and listen to this gem with her!

Did you know that Teagan and Liz have ANOTHER podcast? True to the So You Don't Have To form, this one's about Liz and Teagan discussing all the crummy bits of wedding planning, and empowering couples gettin' married to skip the things they're not interested in. So as a fun cross-post, we watched two whole movies about people just LOSING THEIR MINDS about marriage and weddings. First up, Leap Year, with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. Next, Bride Wars, with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. Both of them well deserve their spot on this here podcast!

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#17: The Snowman

Here it is, friends. A movie that finally broke Teagan and Liz, partially because A FULL THIRD OF IT NEVER GOT FILMED, and they went and released it ANYWAY. Is this a murder mystery, or just a weird way to avoid talking about how Val Kilmer is probably not doing so hot? WE MAYBE DON'T FIND OUT!

We've come full circle, friends. We've returned from whence we came... we've now seen all three Fifty Shades movies. Join us to talk about Rita Ora, questionably-motivated kidnappings, and what food items you should definitely not put on your genitals.

(Uh, NSFW.)

#15: Geostorm

So You Don't Have To Really seems to just love Gerard Butler movies. Can't even begin to imagine why a podcast about watching terrible movies in theaters might be really into Gerard Butler... yup... no ideas. 

Happy 3rd Gerard Butler Episode Day!

Oh man, y'all. This is a very different kind of SYDHT. Only one of us has seen this clunker, and it's not Liz!


Also. Did you guys know that our email address HASN'T always been SYDHTpodcast@gmail.com? Because neither did we, until we finished recording this episode. Long story short, now that email is valid! Hit us up there with your movie suggestions and feelings!

#13: Keith

Hello Everyone WE'RE BACK.

And we've brought you KEITH, possibly the worst movie that Netflix has to offer. Did you think Jesse McCartney was a dreamboat when you were 11? WELL BUCKLE UP. WE'RE ABOUT TO RUIN HIM. Or rather, Keith will do it for you. 

Ladies and gents! Two years from when we started this little shindig, we return to our roots with the next installment in the Grey series, 50 Shades Darker! With special guests Carolyn Sinon, who has seen this movie but no others, and Damon Taylor, who has seen neither movie! It's a great time all around. Let's talk about butts, consent, and sponsors! (PS This one's kinda dirty! Keep your kids away!)

Hey, you know what? This one wasn't as much of a train wreck as we were expecting. It's still pretty rough, but like... not a dumpster fire. Good friends Damon and Johnny join Liz on this weird poisoned cotton candy movie, Suicide Squad! This is one that you don't HAVE to watch, but if you want to, we won't discourage you! Weird!

Teagan is about to enter into an amazing magic trick, and so to celebrate it, we're watching a movie you can rent on Google Play! But, please don't. Take our word for it, there's no reason to see this weird, nonsensical video game. Unless you really like movies about walking. And believing you can fly. 

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