Looking for a fun explosion-fest? Looking for a trashy foreign romp with zero mean-spirited homoeroticism? Want to see Gerard Butler NOT stab numerous people in the face? Then you should definitely skip LONDON HAS FALLEN. Lucky for you, Liz, Teagan, and guest stars Mark Maxwell and Damon Taylor, already saw it... so you don't have to.

#8: The Choice

Teagan was tragically eaten by a bear, so she's sitting out this episode while she's digested. Liz is joined by Johnny and Damon, to watch actually the most boring movie in the entire world ever, starring Benjamin Walker, Vampire Hunter, and Less Good Kristen Stewart. We did this for you, America! And for Teagan. RIP Teagan. Hope that bear was good to you.

They're baaaaack! With help from special guest commentator Mark Maxwell, Teagan and Liz report back on their experience drinking through both the new horror classic The Boy AND the first twenty minutes of the final death rattle of Robert DeNiro's career, Dirty Grandpa. As always, they did it SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

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#6: 12/12/12

Liz and Teagan stay home and watch the horror disasterpiece, "12/12/12"

In Episode 5, Liz, Teagan, and returning special guest Damon Taylor dissect the disaster that is Fantastic Four.

#4: Entourage

In our fourth episode, Liz and Teagan went to see ENTOURAGE. The catch? Neither of them has ever watched an episode of ENTOURAGE. No matter- they did it SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Featuring in-person guest star Damon Taylor and call-in guest star Whitney LaMora Currier (the latter of whom heads up our new mini-review segment to tell us about the time she saw TUSK for you)!

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#3: Aloha

Here we go again! This time we paid actual human money to go see ALOHA... so you really, really don't have to.

Episode 2, featuring Extra Special Expert Guest Emily Shaw! We discuss the finer points of the new American classic, "The Boy Next Door". We did it all... So You Don't Have To!

Our premiere episode! We saw Fifty Shades of Grey- So You Don't Have To!

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